• Turn Cooking Fun and Enjoyable Recreational Activity With Your Kids

    Have you heard or watched Master Chef Jr. on television? It is an example of evidence that cooking is not only for adults activity. Even the children can learn and experience cooking!


    Today, cooking is a universal event. People from children to elders cook as a form of recreation, home use or business. The cooking shows children as chefs and other televised cooking competitions increased the attractiveness of the activity to kids aging seven and above.


    Cooking with kids is a fun and worthwhile activity. There are even summer camps and private institutions which offer programs in culinary primarily designed for children. The reason behind this is the various benefits of cooking with children. Studies prove that an interactive cooking class can teach many things to kids besides from knowing how to cook.


    Boosts knowledge on sciences and mathematics


    Cooking is an activity filled with academic learning. Children can increase their knowledge in sciences and math with the kitchen. For example, a parent can educate her/his kid on the nutritional content of food and its benefits to the body or make them measure the ingredients in baking cupcakes and measuring the right time in cooking meat in a toaster oven. Let them experience cooking hands on to explore the activity. Moreover, it also increases the reading abilities of the kid by reading the labels of ingredients or recipes alone! Thus, cooking is like a potpourri of various subjects in just one lesson.

    If you have a child who finds it difficult to learn at school, why not educate your kid with a fun and exciting activity such as cooking to help the kid catch up with school.


    Enhances self-confidence


    One can increase their self-esteem by trusting them with tasks. This case is true even with children. If parents hand them down a task to do, they feel that they can do the job since their parents told them so. With cooking, a parent can ask their children for simple tasks such as stirring a mixture of salad or putting the icing on top of cakes. In this activity, they will feel the importance of their role as a part of the team. After cooking, make sure to praise your kid for a job well done. It will encourage them more to engage and learn how to cook.


    Invites creativity and imagination


    Letting a kid do the task of designing a pastry increases their imagination and creativity. Hence, cooking could also be an art class if you want to. Furthermore, cooking makes a child curious about his/her environment which encourages solving problems.


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